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Fleet Services in Phoenix, AZ

Fleet Shop Services

If you are a fleet shop, or a small fleet owner who prefers to do most or some of the maintenance yourself consider these service to assist you.

Electronic Diagnostics (See list of OEM Software)

We are not aware of any shop in the Southwest with the amount of technology that we have. Most shops have generic code readers that give needed information but lack the detail needed to diagnose hard to find problems. The dealers only have technology to repair the type of vehicles they sell. We have OEM software for most fleet vehicle allowing us to give quick accurate diagnostics on nearly every type of commercial truck.

Engine Repair & Overhaul

Engine repair can be simple or complicated and may affect other components. Understanding the order of repair and what it will affect is important to the longevity of the repair. Our technicians are equipped with the proper tools, information, and are trained to view the equipment as a whole not just by individual components.

Engine overhaul is a precise art that takes years of training and experience to master. Our certified technicians build engines to last far beyond the warrantewarranty. To accomplish this, quality parts must be used, proper machining must be done and the technician must understand the little things that keeps the engine running even when it has excessive hours.

Transmission Diagnostic, Repair & Overhaul (Including Allison)

Besides the engine the transmission is the most costly component in your equipment. Knowing what the transmission needs (whether repair or overhaul) takes technology, samples and a trained technician. Getting a transmission diagnosed correctly may make the difference of thousands to the fleet owner. We have the technology and technicians to repair and diagnose most transmissions properly including Allison.

Chassis Repair

Brakes, suspension, steering, lighting along with all other chassis repairs are performed regularly in our shop both day and night. These are usually very labor intensive repairs that require proper tooling to accomplish safely and correctly. Chassis repairs if not performed correctly can compromise safety more than any other type of repair. Just imagine the ramifications an incorrect brake or steering repair can have. We do not view chassis repair any lighter than any other repairs. Our technicians are professionals; they are continually trained and are given the tools needed to complete chassis repairs properly.

Preventive Maintenance Services & PM Programs

If you need assistance in performing your routine preventive maintenance services such as oil changes and inspection, transmission and coolant flushes we can help. We built our business on the back of preventive maintenance. Whether the need is an isolated overflow situation, or a complete PM program solution, we are the answer. It is what we do!

If a PM program is desired, we do all the leg work in setting up a proper PM schedules for your fleet. We build PM schedules for each unit using the manufacturer's recommendation for service and with an understanding of how the unit is being used. After the schedules are set up we track the service intervals and work with the manager to get them done.

Mobile Onsite Service

Valet Fleet Service started as a mobile service and today we lead in mobile fleet repair. We have state of the art service trucks equipped to get the job done correctly at your facility. With cranes, welders, compressors, lube equipment and over 9000 total inventory parts and supplies, our goal, when we go mobile, is to get the job done as good as we would do it if it came to the shop. Mobile service is another way we can conveniently lower our customer’s cost and increase availability to their fleet.

Lift Gate & Hydraulic Repair

We maintain hundreds of lift gates both under service agreements and not. Our technicians understand the lift gate systems and can proficiently repair these systems. Whether a ram needs rebuilding, solenoids or dump valve diagnosed, bushings, pins or ware pads replaced or the platform needs to be welded we do these repairs multiple times thought out a normal week.

We also performed removal and installation of entire lift gates and in many cases we can support the manufacturer warranty.

Welding & Fabrication

Many fleets need a bracket here, a mount there, may be a work box or two, or possibly a complete custom work bed or trailer. Whatever your welding or fabrication needs may be we have multiple certified welders to alleviate those needs both mobile and in the shop (Including aluminum welding).

Bed Swap & Installations

If you need new equipment installed on a new or existing unit we have the cranes, lifting equipment and the know how to get it done safely and correctly (we follow all DOT requirements).

When it’s time to get a new truck but you want to keep the existing equipment, we can swap the equipment on to the new truck. We also will paint the old bed or equipment to match the new truck and make the unit, as a whole, look new.

Collision / Body Repair & Paint

If your fleet unit is ever in a fender bender or just needs a makeover we will take care of the bodywork and paint it needs. Making it look good is what we will do. Partial or whole, we have painted hundred of fleet units to the complete satisfaction of our customers. You may consider this service before you sell a unit to increase resale value (we do not do frame straightening).

DOT Annual Inspection

Besides our apprentices all our technicians are certified DOT inspectors. If the unit does not pass, we can perform the repairs promptly to satisfy the DOT requirements. If you choose to do the repairs yourself bring the unit back in and we will re-inspect it for free and complete the required paper work and sticker.

Fleet Management

As a fleet owner or fleet manager you know the pain of fleet management. Your day to day tasks most likely include working with teams of drivers, watching budgets, communicating with customers, taking care of all the repairs and trying to make sure quality work gets done… not to mention how pressures can add up when you have a truck down and more than enough work to get done. There’s no question you have a lot on your plate. Valet Fleet Service specializes in assisting you in fleet management.

Including increased communication, highly qualified mechanics, quality work, and a detailed understanding of each unit, we get the job done right. We take care of pick up and drop off of the unit as well as work around the clock to make sure the unit is back to you allowing you to focus on production and customers. We’ll reduce the service calls… and take care of the tows/service calls for the ones that can’t be reduced. You ask for it to get done and it happens. You’ll be amazed to see how fleet management starts to become the best part about what you do every day.

Other Services & Benefits

  • Pick up & Deliver (Including CDL, Tanker & Hazmat)
  • Glass Repair & Replacement
  • Tire Repair, Service & Replacement
  • Long Service Hours (6:30am – 2:00am)
  • 24/7 Road Side Emergency Service
  • Tow Services
  • Non-Lease Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance Lease

Our truck repair and service shop is located in Phoenix, AZ. We proudly serve the following areas: Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Goodyear, Peoria, Gilbert, Avondale, Apache Junction and surrounding areas.

We at Valet Fleet Service, LLC look forward to being your Phoenix truck repair and service shop. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at (602) 269-7700.

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