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Fleet Maintenance Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

Maintenance is a part of the cost of doing business. Every fleet has a major investment in its equipment. The equipment must operate in order for the fleet to stay in business. Whether or not the equipment operates efficiently has a major impact on the profitability of the entire operation.

We have proven to assist our customers in lowering fleet cost and minimizing down time by providing the following services.

Maintenance Programs & Manager Assistance (Your partner in maintenance)

  • PM Schedules: We do all the leg work to set up a proper PM schedule for your fleet. We build PM schedules for each unit using the manufacturing recommendation for service and with an understanding of how the unit is being used. After the schedules are set up we track the service intervals and work with the manager to get them done.

  • Inspections: Maintenance / Safety inspection are a key part of any PM program. Each time the unit is visited for service or repair it is inspected by a certified technician. These inspections ensure the safety of the vehicle and are used to find any mechanical problems before they become a break down or major costly repairs. They also keep the fleet managers up to date on the shape of the fleet.

  • Expense & Maintenance Reports: Once a fleet program has been implemented, we can at any time provide the fleet owner or managers with the following expense or maintenance reports.

    • Per mile/hours cost by unit or fleet
    • Cost by date by unit/fleet
    • Per job cost
    • PM vs. repair cost by unit/fleet
    • Down time by unit/fleet
    • Total cost of maintenance by unit /fleet
    • Parts / labor cost by unit/fleet

  • History & DOT Records: A detailed history record can be a gold mine of information to lowering fleet expenses and reducing down time. It is also required by DOT for all commercial fleet owners to have and maintain these records. The law allows maintenance records to be kept by an outside service. We keep methodical maintenance history records that exceed the DOT requirement. If our customer is ever audited by DOT our customers can simple say our records are keep at Valet Fleet Service. Fulfilling this law is just an added bonus to keeping these very valuable records. The records can also be used to increase the sell value of the vehicle.

Maintenance Lease Options

If you or the company wants to concentrate on the business you are in and not on fleet maintenance, consider these options.

  • Owners -Full Maintenance Lease: You own the equipment, and we handle all the maintenance. The only thing you worry about is the drivers, fuel and ownership. This includes all preventive maintenance, repairs, tires (including flats and replacement), glass, road side assistance, and so on. We assume most of the maintenance risk for the equipment and you pay a monthly installment. It mirrors fleet leasing except you own the equipment.

  • Preventive Maintenance Lease: You own the equipment and we handle all the preventive maintenance (PM). This includes setting up a PM program, tracking and managing. Installments are made monthly for services on the PM schedule. All other services such as repairs are billed on a time and material based on a discounted shop rate.

  • Non - Leased Maintenance: We manage and maintain the equipment owned by you on a time and material basis. This option is good if you prefer paying for service on an individual basis. All the benefits of all our services are still available. Including; setting up a PM program, managing the program, and all other services performed by our professional team.

  • Fleet Leasing –Full Maintenance Lease: We provide the unit and you don’t worry about a thing except the driver and fuel. You choose exactly the vehicles desired (new or used). They are prepared and licensed and inspected on a regular basis. You have the advantage of properly scheduled PM’s and shop services performed by a professional team, with reminders when the PM’s are due. We provide a substitute or replacement vehicles during down time. And make it convenient and easy to schedule service.

Fleet Management

As a fleet owner or fleet manager you know the pain of fleet management. Your day to day tasks most likely include working with teams of drivers, watching budgets, communicating with customers, taking care of all the repairs and trying to make sure quality work gets done… not to mention how pressures can add up when you have a truck down and more than enough work to get done. There’s no question you have a lot on your plate. Valet Fleet Service specializes in assisting you in fleet management.

Including increased communication, highly qualified mechanics, quality work, and a detailed understanding of each unit, we get the job done right. We take care of pick up and drop off of the unit as well as work around the clock to make sure the unit is back to you allowing you to focus on production and customers. We’ll reduce the service calls… and take care of the tows/service calls for the ones that can’t be reduced. You ask for it to get done and it happens. You’ll be amazed to see how fleet management starts to become the best part about what you do every day.

Our fleet repair and service shop is located in Phoenix, AZ. We proudly serve the following areas: Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Goodyear, Peoria, Gilbert, Avondale, Apache Junction and surrounding areas.

We at Valet Fleet Service, LLC look forward to being your Phoenix emergency vehicle repair and service shop. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at (602) 269-7700.

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