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Customer Reviews & Stories

Five star reviews

"In the late summer of 2012, we needed to find another mechanic for our fleet as the facility we were using exclusively was understaffed and could not get our trucks repaired in a timely manner. We asked around and Valet Fleet Service was highly recommended. I called the owner, Ammon Bundy, who came out to our facility to speak with me about the services they offered. The fact that they were open 20 hours a day, the pick-up and delivery service they offered, as well as submitting a repair request online, were very intriguing to me. Being in the industry so long, however had me skeptical of anything that sounded this good. After discussing it with my supervisor, we decided to contact them for vehicles we needed back quickly. They delivered. I submitted the repair request, they come and got the vehicle, fixed it and returned it before 6:00am the next morning. I have sent numerous vehicles to them over the past year and it has always been the same as it was the first time. Best of all, when the trucks are returned, the repair is complete and the vehicle is fixed."


Five star reviews

"Great people, they do what they say . They have been great to work with on my fleet and have lowered my cost. They also have made it easier to run trucks all over the state. I would recommend their services."


Five star reviews

"Well done, I have taken my trucks to Valet fleet for years. The are by fare the best in the valley. Before I found them I could not get quick quality service anywhere. Now I get my trucks in and out usualy within a day. The have some great tech, they have figured things out that even the dealer was puzzeled with. Very good shop."

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Five star reviews

"I worked for the owner of this company... By far one of the most honest and fair people I have ever met. Does a good job day in and day out, and he's a hard worker who builds and maintains good employees. He's a small business man in heart (although he's built a good size business) and only wants what's best for the client. I have seen him put clients first time after time and I know he won't feel good about a job until it's done right. I would recommend him to anyone."

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Casey Gutierrez
Praxair Dist: 602-300-7962

Don Maurer
AZ Partsmaster: 602-233-3580

Joe Becraft
Airgas USA: 602-307-1660

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Air Liquide: 602-352-5300

Steve Gorney
Dry Ice: 602-272-0497

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Matco Tools: 602-291-3525