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About Valet Fleet Service, LLC in Phoenix, AZ

Ammon Bundy and Family - Owner of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

Ammon Bundy & Family
Owner of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

Valet Fleet Service started in the summer of 1998. Ammon (the owner) and his brother Ryan built a custom service unit with the latest equipment that allowed Ammon to service fleets onsite and in a very efficient way. He started servicing many local fleets and soon found that the fleet owners and managers needed assistance in tracking and maintaining their fleet services in order to keep the repair expenses down and keep the units reliably on the road. Ammon developed a system that proved to relieve the fleet managers of this duty, but keep them informed. The Program maintained the units in very good working condition at a low cost. The fleet owners were so pleased with this work that they began to request other services. He first added simple repairs to the work scope. Then more complex services were added through the years. Now 15 years later, Valet Fleet Service has become the leader in fleet repair maintenance, technology and service. They currently have a team of around 20 people, multiple service trucks and a busy maintenance facility centered in the heart of the Phoenix industrial area with services covering the State of Arizona.

Ammon said; "I have been tempted to become a normal diesel repair shop many times in the past 15 years. There is good money in it; however, I find it much more fulfilling in helping the fleet owner by preventing repairs, rather than just making money on fixing the repairs. This has created a loyalty with the fleet owners and is the reason I take care of the same fleets now as I did when I first started".

Ammon also says, "Valet Fleet Service started as a fleet preventive maintenance company and no matter how proficient we get at repairs, we will always be structured to prevent the repairs first".

Valet Fleet Service understands your needs and wants as a fleet owner or manager. They continually are looking for new ways to help their customers succeed. They believe that companies should work together in a way that all parties reach their goals and everyone wins.


  • We are structured to prevent repairs not just perform repairs
  • We make owning or managing a fleet easier so businesses can focus on their main business
  • We work multiple shifts (8:00am to 11:00pm)
  • 89% of work orders are completed within one shift
  • We are an ASE certified shop
  • We are a DOT certified shop
  • Each technician is certified in multiple areas of specialties and enjoys continual training weekly, paid for by Valet Fleet Service
  • We pick up and drop off the units or the drivers (no additional fees)
  • Customers have the options to have the unit serviced in the shop or onsite
  • We custom build and manage PM programs for your fleet or follow existing programs at no additional cost
  • We track and maintain detailed fleet maintenance histories and cost reports
  • Our technicians are the leaders in PM inspections and maintenance
  • Our customer can rest easy knowing that the oils, filters, DOT items and other PM items are getting done properly and on time.
  • We have a strict authorization process for repairs to insure the customer gets what they want
  • We have electronic diagnostic equipment for nearly every type of fleet vehicle
  • We proficiently handle all aspects of fleet maintenance & truck/trailer repairs (see work scope)
  • We handle all warranty matters for our customers on any type of vehicle
  • We work on your fleet after hours and focus on returning the unit before it is needed


  • We lower fleet expenses over the life of your fleet
    • We lower your repair expenses through effective PM programs & fair repair bills.
    • We increase your revenue by the fleet running well and not needing excessive management.
    • We save you payroll expenses by the fleet running well, minimal management needed and no drop-offs or pick-ups at the shop.
    • We drastically lower your long-term fleet replacement cost by extending the life of the fleet for many years.
    • We increase the resale value of the fleet by having well maintained units to sell in the end with detailed maintenance records.
    • We save you the expense of needing multiple back-up units or rentals.
  • We make it simple to own and run a fleet of any size
    • You will not have to deal with break downs or interruptions during the time the fleet is needed to run.
    • You will have availability to your fleet when needed and we will service it during times it is not needed. Even after-hour units are rarely in the shop for more than a few hours at a time.
    • We handle all aspects of the fleet maintenance. You will have no need to go to the dealer or any other outside service for anything (not even warranty)
    • You will have the ability to know (or report to others) when PM services were last done or due again, how much you are spending on your fleet per mile/day/month/year/lifetime and with many other maintenance reports and full histories.
    • You will not have to scratch the fleet production for the day just because of a simple problem. We support the fleet in the field and are successful in keeping the units in route.
    • You will have the peace of mind knowing the fleet is safe, reliable and cared for.
    • You will have the ability to have any make or model serviced correctly and proficiently at our facility and will not have to shuttle to multiple shops.
    • You will experience less driver complaints and higher driver awareness of unit.
  • We give you opportunity to increase revenue and satisfy more customers
    • We relieve management of many fleet duties and give them time to focus on other needs such as customer service, quality, sales and operations.
    • You will be able to satisfy more customers through shorter downtimes and reduced break-downs which cause non-deliveries and rescheduled appointments
    • You will have the option to increase services to your customers by increased abilities & availability of the fleet.


  • Fleet Maintenance Tracking
  • Mobile Onsite Service (Full service repairs including welding)
  • Chassis Repair and Services (including frame alterations)
  • A/C Diagnostics & Repair
  • Engine Diagnostics & Overhauls (100,000+ warranties)
  • Transmission Diagnostics & Overhaul (including Allison)
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Electronic Diagnostic (software for)
    • Cummins (OEM)
    • Detroit (OEM)
    • Mercedes-Benz (OEM)
    • Caterpillar
    • International (Navistar) (OEM)
    • Mack
    • Volvo
    • Hino
    • Isuzu (OEM)
    • Allison (OEM)
    • Eaton (OEM)
    • Bendex (OEM)
    • GM Motor (OEM)
    • Ford Truck (OEM)
    • Dodge Truck
    • All OBD 2 Interface
  • Welding & Fabrication (including aluminum)
  • Hydraulic Repair & Services (including ram repairs)
  • Work Body Installation and Repair (boxes, beds, lift gates & others)
  • Body Repair and Paint, (Fleet Image)
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance (during business hours)

The Valet Fleet Service, LLC Team

Ken West – Parts Manager of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Ken West –
Service Manager"

Leander Vanwinkle – Lead Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Leander Vanwinkle –
Lead Technician"

Monica Dominguez – Admin Staff of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Monica Dominguez –
Office Admin"

Jay Lara – Account Handler of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Jay Lara –
Account Handler"

Joel Goddard – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Joel Goddard –
Truck Technician"

Adan Marquina – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Adan Marquina –
Truck Technician"

Coemgen Cluff – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Coemgen Cluff –
Truck Technician"

Shane Turley – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Shane Turley –
Truck Technician"

Javier Acosta – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Javier Acosta –
Truck Technician"

Nick Heinrich – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Nick Heinrich –
Truck Technician"

Esau Tineo  – Truck Technician of Valet Fleet Service, LLC

"Esau Tineo –
Truck Technician"